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Have something you don’t need any more? Looking for something you don’t have?

Eugene Krueger Estate Auction

There will be an auction in Minot on January 23rd, for the Eugene Krueger Estate. You can view photos here:

Auction includes rocks, and lapidary equipment.


2020 Pinecone Hunt

The Annual Pine Cone hunt will be held on Sunday, September 13, 2020 for members only. We will meet at the Park on Hwy 6 going South out of Mandan. Be there before 9 A. M. as we leave at 9:00 A. M. sharp. The park is just South of the Mandan Municipal Golf Course on the west side (right hand side going South) of the road.

Please follow public health guidelines for the Covid-19 public health safety. Wear a mask and follow social distancing.

July 10 Harmon Lake

Come join us on July 10th, 1pm, up at Harmon Lake to learn about Cannonball Concretions.  Follow 1806 north of Mandan, about 11 miles.  Shelter 2.


Rock Equipment For Sale

14″ rock cutting saw, 1 new blade, extra blade cutting oil
Polisher with stand & water drip pail
8 rock tumblers: 3-30lb capacity
Combination trim saw, grinder & shaper, sander & polisher
A lot of extra parts – some new, some used

New price would be over $5000, but I will sell all of this for $2500.


Melvin Berg
101 Stewart Ave, Box 736
Underwood, ND 58576

Grit – Treasures of Sea & Earth

Treasures of Sea & Earth supply grit for your rock tumbling needs.  For club discounts, please see the Member page.  For more information, please check out Currently available:

400                        5lb: $30.00         1lb: $6.00

600                        5lb: $30.00         1lb: $6.00

46/70                    5lb: $18.80        1lb: $4.00

120/220                5lb: $21.00        1lb: $4.20

Tin Oxide             5lb: $145.00     1lb: $29.00

Tripoli Powder   5lb: $18.80         1lb: $4.00

Plastic pellets     1lb: $4.20

2016 January Program: Gemstone Trees

Hello members!  The program following the club meeting on January 10th will be about making gemstone trees.  You’ve probably seen them around – eBay, Amazon, etsy – they’re all the rage.  Becky will provide take-home printed directions, gemstones (rose quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, malachite, and more) and wires enough to build a small tree (like the one above).  She has a limited number of needle-nose pliers however, so if you have some lying around, please bring them too!  Once you have the basics, no doubt your trees will grow and grow.


Christmas Party

This is the your reminder for our upcoming Christmas Party.  We are set to have the party at the north A & B Pizza shop at 1:30 pm this coming Sunday, December 6th.


The club will buy the pizza and the pop for the attendees.  For members who are of age, stronger drinks are available at your own expense.


We will have the gift exchange and according to our discussion at our last meeting, if you wish to participate in the gift exchange, please bring an exchange gift in the $10 neighborhood.  We encourage you to bring, if possible, a gift relative to the rock and mineral hobby.


This Christmas party is in lieu of our December meeting.  See you all on Sunday at the North A&B.