Mission Statement:

1.  To further the study of mineralogy and geology

2.  To arrange field trips to collect minerals, gems, fossils, and artifacts

3.  To help its members improve the art of cutting, polishing and mounting, and identification of gem and mineral materials and to assist with other related artistic activities

4.  To provide opportunities for gem and mineral education and the exchange, purchase, and exhibition of equipment, specimens, materials, and artifacts

5.  To share knowledge about gems, minerals, fossils, artifacts, and activities of the Society with the general public.

Society Constitution

How to Join:

Paper Form: Membership Form 2023  To join, simply print, fill out and return this form


Fill out the form Digitally here, and bring your dues to the next meeting! NEW!

Current Society Officers (2023-2024):

President: Kevin Vetter
Treasurer: Skye Fasching
Vice President: Brenda Morgan
Secretary: Darrel Spencer

Committees & Subcommittees:

Program – Tom Tupa
Field Trip –
Auditing –
Membership –
Website – Becky Barnes
Nominating – Brenda Morgan, LaRoy Baird, Dina Baird
Annual Show – Kevin Vetter


First Sunday of the Month, 2pm at the Bismarck Public Library.  Date may change due to room availability.  Visitors and prospective members are welcome to attend.

Membership Annual Dues:

Individual / Family:  $15

Junior:  $10

 Vests & Club Colors:  Green!

Vests are available, and run approximately $20-25.  They come plain – patch sewing and pockets are up to you.  The standards for patch placement (flags & Society patches) can be seen below.  These are generally worn at the Annual Show.

We're a mean, green, rock-collecting team!
We’re a mean, green, rock-collecting team!