Rock Show


2018 Rock Show – October 5 & 6


Show Guidelines:

Dates:  The CDGMS annual rock show is generally held on the first Friday and Saturday of October.  Friday is set aside for school attendance as well as the public.  Saturday is set aside for the general public.

Vendors:  Club Vendors and outside vendors are encouraged to display and sell their merchandise.

Required Form:  The club requires all vendors to complete a form (provided by the club) showing the table fees and sales information for ND tax purposes.

Tables & Costs:  Vendors tables are 6 or 8 feet in length and vendors request the number of tables they need for their merchandise.

Fees:  Club members are charged $10 per table.

    Non-members are charged $15 per table.

Club Assessments:  The club assesses a fee of 4% on all gross sales to all vendors who have a ND sales tax permit.  The club assesses a fee of 10% on all gross sales to all vendors who DO NOT have a ND sales tax permit.  This covers the ND and local sales taxes the club is required to pay on all sales.

Set-Up:  Set up for the annual show is Thursday night before the show and take down is at the end of the show on Saturday.

Educational Displays:  Educational displays are not subject to fees but must be approved by the club.


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