rhodochrosite 1Rhodochrosite is a translucent to transparent, ranging in colors from white, to pink, to red. It is a manganese carbonate, found in hydrothermal veins alongside copper, silver, and lead, and can be used as a manganese ore. When exposed to air, rhodochrosite tends to form a dark rind as it oxidizes. It is generally a massive, nodular, or botryoidal rhodochrosite 2form, however the rare transparent rhombohedral crystals can also be found. It has a hardness of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale, has a white streak, and is soluble in warm hydrochloric acid. Due to its soft nature, and beautiful commonly banded colors, this mineral is often used as a carving medium, but rarely faceted. rhodochrosite 3Its chemical composition is MnCO3. Its name comes from Greek, literally meaning rose-colored.

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