2015 September

I.  We met on September 12th at the Bismarck Public Library there were 19 members present.
President Vetter called the meeting to order and we addressed the flag.  Members introduced themselves.

II.  Treasurers Report: CDGMC has $6877.20 in the bank.
III. Committees report:

  • Field Trip Committee: Russ presented information on the upcoming Pine Cone hunt.  Members who will be attending will meet at the gold course/park parking lot in Mandan.  Head south on 10th avenue SW in Mandan otherwise known as Highway 6. Before you get to the bridge there’s a park and parking lot on the right hand side of the road.    Show up before 9 as the crew will be leaving at 9:00 am.
  • Annual Show Committee: We discussed fees for the upcoming rock show.  Members will be provided one table at no charge.  Additional tables will cost $10.   If you are selling items from your table and do not have a tax I.D. # the club will also collect 7% of your sales.  Those who have a tax number will not be charged the extra 7%.   In addition the club will collect 7% on all sales to defray rock show expenses.
    Non Members will be charged $10 per table. (I assume non members will also be expected to provide tax I.D. numbers and pay 10% of sales to the club but I don’t remember that being addressed specifically.  If I am wrong, can Victor, or Tom or Kevin clarify?)More discussion was held for the upcoming show.  Tom T., collected information on the number of tables for club members.  Presently we have about 35 tables booked.  At present we do not know if there will be any outside vendors attending.

    Ray will conduct the fluorescence show on Friday, but not on Saturday since he will not be available.  Tom Schiwal asked for permission to video tape the show and Ray gave his permission.

    Those who will be helping set up.  Please show up on Thursday at 4:00 pm.

    There are 30 door prizes for the show.

  • Program Committee: Diane Rau has volunteered to teach wire wrapping for the November show.  The club will pay her expenses.
  • Technical & Communications Committee: Russ O., talked about the Rocky Mountain Federation.  There is an open position for the Public Access Committee.   Becky volunteered for that position.Ray O., showed the clubs past awards and photo album.  He indicated he would prefer if the club could locate a more permanent location for the items.

    Becky handles the club website.  She indicated the site does host a ‘swap shop’ for members to locate items to sell.  To post items you will need to send item information / photos to the club e-mail (ndrockclub@gmail.com).  Becky will post the ad.    Becky also handed out info cards to be completed by club members and took club member pictures for the Members Only web page.