2015 October

I.  We met on October 11th at the Bismarck Public Library, with 14 members present. President Vetter called the meeting to order, and we addressed the flag.

II.  Treasurer’s Report: CDGMC has $7501.11 in the bank. $110 was collected in table fees during the Rock Show, and the club also took in a number of donations (including sales from Vic W. and Tom T.’s pop-top-rock sales, and from Russ O.). The donation jar at the door took in $12 on the first day, and $81.85 on the second day! The old club library book case was sold for $10. Paid advertising for the Rock Show was done through Tidbits and Awesome Signs.

Some vendors did not pay in appropriately to the club (under-the-table dealings), and will not be invited back next year.

III.  Committee Reports:

  • Annual Show Committee: During the course of the show, the club took in 10 new member applications. Next year the club has the option of holding the rock show open through Sunday. Discussion was held over the pro’s and con’s of that – more to discuss later, but for now most members are leaning away from Sunday. The club would have to close by 2pm to be out by 4pm, and the AmVets aren’t 100% sure if they will be open on Sundays next year anyways.

The AmVets were happy to have us – we cleaned up after ourselves, and put everything back in order. Look forward to working with each other next year.

The club has about 60 grab bags left over. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes for the bags, as well as all the bag stuffers. There was a lot of positive feedback from the people buying them.

For next year, the club (spearheaded by Carol Doll) will look into getting the CDG&MS sanctioned by the Bismarck school system. If we can tailor some of the exhibits or demonstration tables to reflect what is in the 4th and 8th grade curriculum, we may have a better school turnout. This year we had many last-minute cancellations (via bus schedules, or school changes). We may need send announcements to the High School as well, depending on how the grades are divided up. Treasures of Sea and Earth are willing to do a 10-15 minute demonstration talk, similar to Ray’s fluorescence talk for kids. The ND Geological Survey is also willing to bring in more hands-on activities for kids.

  • Program Committee: Diane Rau taught a teaser class of wire wrapping in October, to get warmed up for November. She will be teaching how to wrap a crystal point after the November meeting.

The Christmas Party will be held at the north A&B Pizza in December. Details to come.

  • Technical & Communications Committee: 2016 is the CDG&MS’ 50th Anniversary! To celebrate, Becky suggested and the club voted on sending out a special Anniversary Edition of the “Diggin’s From Dakota,” the newsletter the club used to produce, to current and past members. This was NOT a vote to reestablish the Diggin’s. First – members may not have the time to produce the newsletter. Second, one month of stamps to send out to everyone actually costs more than an entire year of the website, which is where any of that information goes anyways.

So, for this one-time edition, Becky is looking for people willing to write a short story or paragraph. Anything from your memories of the club, to wire-wrapping, to travels, other shows / meetings, where you hope to see the club go – anything! So far she has a couple of past-members and current members writing a little something for the Diggin’s.

  •  Other Interesting Stuff: Harbor Freight sells tumblers.