2015 May

I.  Call to order, address the flag. Introductions were given for members present.

II.  Treasurer’s Report: $6872.51 in the bank. The reservations for the Library space are paid through the year. About 25% of dues are missing from members.

III.  Committee Report

  1. Communications & Technology
    • Club Library: The idea was brought forth to update the club library, and make it more easily accessible to members. Books, magazines, VHS, and DVDs from the trailer will be cataloged, and a listing made available to members. Any old reference books, Rock & Gem magazines, or similar items that members would like to donate to the Club Library are welcome. It was proposed that the library be stored in the Paleontology Dept. in the basement of the Heritage Center. Once updated, in order to check out a book, contact Becky and she will either bring it to the next club meeting, or you can swing by the Heritage Center (M-F), and retrieve it yourself. Make sure to confirm when you would come by the Heritage Center, however, as Becky is occasionally out of town for work. Library loans would be members only, to facilitate tracking and the honor system.
    • Members Only Page: Currently a test page is set up on the website that is password protected. In order to gain access to the page, you must be a member. This test page is a “get to know your club members” type thing, with a photo of the member, and a short club-related biography (First Name, Last Initial, member since…, types of club-related activities enjoyed, club office held). The important thing: the page is completely voluntary. Only share what you wish. If you would like to participate, please e-mail a photo of yourself, and the short biography to the club e-mail: ndrockclub@gmail.com There are a couple examples you can see on the page (if you are a member, and would like the password, please send a request to the club e-mail).
    • A “Classified” or “Wanted” section was requested to be added to the website. This would be a place for members to list items they have for sale or trade. It can also house listings of things members are looking for. Send listings to the Club address (either e-mail or mail).
    • Our fingers are crossed on the RMFMS website contest. We just got an e-mail sent to us, basically checking our response time – and they had 3 responses within 24 hours. Go club!
  2.  Membership
    • There are still vests available for purchase. Metal detectors are available to be checked out by members as well.
  3. Programs
    1. Club Picnic: July 12th at Sertoma Park shelter #9. Site is reserved for the day, but festivities will start around 1pm. Club will provide meat, plates / utensils, and some sort of drink (Gatorade, Tang, Kool-Aid, etc.).
      • We will be joining the Gold Club for the picnic. A swap-meet is highly encouraged! Bring items to trade.
      • There are tables / benches provided, but feel free to bring your own chairs as well.
      • The park has a playground nearby – bring your kids / grandkids!
      • A raffle will be held for members. So far items that have been donated include a quilt, a grill, and some binoculars. If you have other items to add (used-but-still-good items, Christmas gifts you don’t want, etc.), please e-mail us.
    2. Annual Show
      • The show is on October 2-3rd, with setup on the 1st.
      • We would like to try and make 1000 grab bags – if you have anything small, shells, rock-related items you wish to donate, let us know. So far Russ and Tom are busy tumbling rocks.

IV.  Miscellaneous

  • Vic’s sister is combining leatherworking with Cannonball agates. It would be neat highlights more products made in ND, with ND materials.

V.  Next Meeting

  • Our next meeting will be held June 7th, and next executive meeting held on May 18th at the AMVETS.

VI.  Program

  • Ray and Russ Oliger brought in a number of rock and mineral samples. Wearing outfits befitting their outreach activities, a Triceratops-hat adorned Russ showed off raw samples and slabs for lapidary pieces, while a dino-shirt wearing Ray exhibited his mineral creations and found objects. Great field stories abounded, and a grand time was had by all.

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