2015 January

Minutes for January 11th CDGMS Meeting.

I.  Meeting was called to order by club President Kevin Vetter. Members and guests were introduced.

II.  Since there were no minutes from the CDGMS Christmas party, there were minutes to approve. The club was informed there were some funds left over after the pizza was paid for so if we use the same venue this next year, the individual cost for the party will most likely also cover nonalcoholic beverages.

III.  Vince read the treasurers report. In general we began 2014 with a balance of $6551.30 and ended the year with a balance off $6622.62.

IV.  Committees report: Committees were reviewed several committees have volunteers and some do not. Kevin Vetter is the chair of the Annual Show committee. Russ was volunteered to be head of the Field Trip committee, as he already arranges the yearly pine cone hunt. Becky Barnes has volunteered to be on the Technical & Communications Committee, as she has developed a new web page, and Mel Schiwal (who was volunteered by her husband) will also continue to assist with managing the club Facebook page. Committees without members or chairs are the Auditing Committee, Membership Committee, and Nominating Committees. There are three additional committee’s that were listed on the meeting agenda but are not part of the club constitution. They are the Early Class, Historian, and Hospitality committees. None of those have committee chairs or members selected.

V.  Communications readings: The yearly meeting schedule was distributed and reviewed.

VI.  Old or Unfinished Business: Reminder, the club has several vests. The cost is $20 per vest.

VII.  New Business: It was recommended the club looks at combining some of the committees. For instance the communications committee may automatically attract new members. No formal action was taken.

Becky has paid the website fees using her own funds. It was recommended she submit those fees to the club for reimbursement.

Discussion was held to combine our summer picnic with swap meet as well as invite the Gold Panning club to participate in the picnic. Kevin will check into that possibility.

Discussion was held concerning what to charge vendors at the next CDGMS show. The question is do we modify the percentage we ask from vendors when considering some vendors also pay state sales tax in addition to the club contribution. No formal decision was made.

VIII. All business was concluded and the meeting was turned over to Tom Tupa, who distributed and reviewed the clubs constitution.

Kevin adjourned the meeting.