2015 February

Meeting for February 1, 2015 CDGMS Meeting.

I.  Our Society President, Kevin Vetter called the meeting to order: There were introductions.     Then the Society addressed the flag.  There were 17 persons present at the meeting including one new member.

II.  Secretary’s report: Minutes from our January meeting were read and approved.

III. Treasurers Report:   Current balance is 6660.50.  There was discussion of dues.  It was brought up that according to the Society constitution, the first year of membership is free.

IV. Committees report:
Annual Show Committee: Kevin Vetter reported
Field Trip Committee: Russ Oliger accepted the nomination to head the field trip committee.
Program Committee: Tom Tupa reminded everyone that our next meeting will be held March 15th at the Heritage Center at 2:00 pm.  We will gather inside the new atrium entrance, on the east side of the heritage center.  There we will have a tour and Society meeting.
Technical & Communications Committee: The idea of business cards for our Society was discussed and Becky will follow up with possible ideas.
Committees needing members: Membership Committee, Auditing Committee and Nominating Committees.

V. Communications readings:  No communications were read.

VI.  Old or Unfinished Business:  Committee Members needed for Membership, Auditing and Nominating Committee.
Reminder, the club has several vests.  The cost is $20 per vest.

VII.  New Business:
The Bismarck Tribune is still using our old site in their notice.  Kevin will contact them to change the meeting place.
Our picnic is scheduled for July 12 at Sertoma Park.  We will also have a rummage sale/swap meet of member items related to rock collection, lapidary, etc.  Also the Gold Panning club has been invited to partner in the festivities.
Russ reminded people to start bringing items for the grab bags.  We are out of grab bags and as they were the best fund raising item at our last show we need to start accumulating items now.

VIII. Program.  Becky Barnes did an awesome job demonstrating the Club Web Page and Facebook Pages.  The link for the Society Web site is:  https://ndrockclub.org/  our Facebook link is:  https://www.facebook.com/CDGMS

IX:  Meeting was adjourned.