2014 November

November 2, 2014

Topic: Elections

Results: Members voted to temporarily suspend the rules of the constitution, to be able to nominate and hold an election of officers. This was to avoid holding elections during the Holiday Party. Results of the election were; Kevin Vetter was elected President, Tom Tupa was elected Vice President, Victor Wingerter was elected as Treasurer, and Tom Schiwal was elected Secretary.

Topic: Recap of Rock Show Agenda Topic

Results: Another great rock show. Overall Friday had 60 fewer students than last year. Saturday had a very good, steady turnout. Next year, Kevin has arranged for the rock show to be held on the main floor of the AmVets club.

Topic: Moving Meeting Location to the Bismarck Public Library

Results: Tom T., and Victor have researched the possibility of moving the meeting to the Bismarck Public Library. The club held a vote and as a result the move has been approved. Our meetings will be held at the same time, the first Sunday of the month at 2:00 pm, we will be meeting at the lower level of the Bismarck Public Library.

Topic: Christmas Party

Results: The group agreed to have the yearly Christmas party at a more public location. Tom will check on the possibility of having the party at A&B Pizza. The time of the Christmas Party will be 1:00 Sunday the 7th.

Topic: Vests

Results: The club has approximately 14 vests for sale. The cost will be $20 per vest.