2019 June

The Meeting:

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm by President Kevin Vetter on June 2, 2019 at McDowell Dam, Shelter # 1.  Other officers in attendance were Vice President, Brenda Morgan; Treasurer, Victor Wingerter; and Secretary, Darrel Spencer.  The club members introduced themselves.

Treasurer, Vic Wingerter reported that the CDG&MS has $8,555.58  in the bank with all bills paid.  Victor also reported that the club has 48 paid members. The report was then approved.

Secretary, Darrel Spencer read the minutes from the June 2, 2019 CDG&MS meeting and they were approved as read.

Old Business:

There was no old business.

New Business:

     There was no new business, so the meeting was adjourned.


A reminder was given for the July 7, 2019 program which is an Instructional Wire Wrapping Video by Diane Rau The Rock Club members were also reminded of several other upcoming programs  such as the potluck picnic on August 4, (Sertoma Park Shelter # 9), our annual pine cone hunt on September 15, the stuffing  party on September 22,  and the annual rock show on October 3, (Set up) 4, & 5.   The Club also has officer elections at the November 3 meeting, and last but not least our December 1, (1:00 PM) Christmas Party.

Victor Wingerter and Brenda Morgan discussed the strong possibility of participating in another Gateway Fashion Mall Creative Energy Event which would allow  even more members and other like minded people to participate for an even more successful show.  This is not an official club show


Terry Hoerer, this month’s program coordinator, demonstrated the correct use of the metal detectors that the club had provided and all the junior members of the CDG&MS in attendance proceeded to look for coins or any other treasure that might be found in the area.  Below are several photos that spot light this months activity:


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