2016 September

I.  We met on September 11, 2016 at the Bismarck Public Library.  Officers present included President Kevin Vetter, Vice President Tom Tupa, Treasurer Vic Wingerter, and Secretary Tom Schiwal.  24 other members were in attendance, introductions were made, and the flag was addressed.

II.  Treasurer’s Report: CDG&MS has $7570.08 in the bank.  Checks need to be made out to cover coffee, the new table banners, and paper grab-bags.

III.  Committee Reports:

  • Picnic:
    1. The annual picnic was a blast, with many in attendance. Leftover food was brought to the Spirit of Life Catholic Church to help feed the homeless.
  • Communications & Technology:
    1. The Anniversary Diggins is nearly complete! There is a half-page of space remaining, if any members have last-minute articles they would like to include.
  • Public Outreach:
    1. Carol has been in contact with the local school librarians, who will get the word out to schools about the annual Rock Show, and its education function.
    2. The Assistant Superintendent in Mandan, and various private schools will be contacted next.
    3. An ad has been placed in the Friday Flier, and will be out September 23rd.
  • Rock Show:
    1. There are plenty of tables! If you need a table, please contact Kevin and Tom immediately.
    2. More demonstration booths would be an asset on Friday’s Education Day.
    3. Bring any extra beads and stringing stuff to Lenore for crafting activities.
    4. Setup will be Thursday, after 5pm.
    5. Tear-down will be after the show closes on Saturday, after 5pm.
    6. Table information
      1. Members – 1st table is free, $10 each after the 1st.
      2. Non-members – all tables $10 each
      3. Non-members first show – same as Member
      4. Tables ~8’ long
      5. Club will collect 10% of sales to cover sales tax (if member does not have a tax ID number), or 4% (if member does have a tax ID number) in order to cover all appropriate taxes, and rental fees.
  • Field Trips:
    1. September 25th is the Pine cone Hunt – there has been no response from the landowner yet. If there is no response the closer we get to the date, you will be notified that we will be cancelling / moving the date.  If you do not hear from us, then the hunt is on!  Meeting will be as per last year, in the Riverside Park in Mandan (Hwy 6 south).  Vehicles will be LEAVING at 9am.  Next year we may change the date to a week earlier, so it does not conflict with AppleFest.