2016 October

I.  We met on October 16, 2016 at the Bismarck Public Library.  Officers present included President Kevin Vetter, Vice President Tom Tupa, and Treasurer Vic Wingerter.  17 other members were in attendance, introductions were made, and the flag was addressed.

II.  Treasurer’s Report: The CDG&MS has $ 7,701.84 in the bank.  The club took in $70 from table reservations at the rock show, as well as $416.83 from vendor fees, $20 from the sale of one vest, and $65.25 in donations.  Expenses for the rental of the AmVets space was $250, with total expenses $635.11.  The club sold 389 grab bags this year at the rock show (202 the first day, 187 the second day).

III.  Committee Reports:

  • Rock Show:
    • AmVets said that our group was one of the cleanest (picking up) groups they’ve had, and we impressed them.
    • President Vetter talked to the vendors, and all said they would like to attend next year.
    • Next year, we need more kid oriented displays and educational booths.  Russ Oliger showed some examples that the Denver club used, in making simple rock quizzes and sorting (simple electronics & muffin tins).
    • Some schools had problems getting buses for field trips.  There were four classes that did not show up, that said they would.  Two vendors also had to back out.
    • Need future discussion about moving the show to Saturday-Sunday, or a late FridaySaturday, in order to get more kids in.  Also return to postcard, letter, or other hard-copy notification to teachers that the event is going on.
    • Carol D. is working on getting a school curriculum set up.  Susan G. is willing to approach the school system to get the club sanctioned.
    • Groups of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are interested in having enough education booths to complete a badge.  Would need more member support to make this an option.
    • Past rock shows:
      • Ran Friday, Saturday, Sunday
      • Charged Admission
      • Vendor tables cost $250-350
    • KFYR stayed for about 45 minutes.
  • Elections:
    • A nomination committee was formed, with Brenda Morgan as chair, and assisted by new members Dina and LaRoy Baird.  They will be working on polling members to search for people interested in holding offices during the next election cycle (January).  All officers are heavily encouraged to attend the Executive Meetings on the Monday before each rock club meeting.
    • A new section under the Members page will include the nominations for the upcoming election.
  • Programs:
    • Next meeting (November), members should try to come up with ideas for future programs.  Travel destinations, skills, show-and-tell, etc.  If there are any topics you would like to learn about, let the club know.
  • The December meeting will be our annual Christmas Party.  It will be held at the South A&B Pizza, and will start at 1pm.