2016 November

I.  We met on November 6, 2016 at the Bismarck Public Library.  Officers present included Vice President Tom Tupa, Treasurer Vic Wingerter, and Secretary Tom Schiwal.  32 other members were in attendance, introductions were made, and the flag was addressed.

II.  Treasurer’s Report: TBA

III.  Committee Reports:

  • Elections Committee:
    • Club elections are coming up in January! This is for club officers, as well as committees.  If you would like to submit your name for voting, please let LaRoy know.
  • Executive meetings:
    • A new building complex, the Missouri Valley Complex, east of Buckstom Junction, is under advisement. The club officers have met with the board to express interest in a more permanent place for Rock Club meetings, as well as storage.  It is a 300 acre development.
    • The club would like to develop a brochure to hand out to people, advertising what the club does, when it meets, etc. If you are artistically inclined and would like to help out, please let the club officers know.
  • Annual Christmas Party:
    • This will be held at 1pm, on December 4th, at the South A&B Pizza (by the Civic Center). A gift exchange will take place.  Those that wish to participate may bring an item with a value of up to $5.  The club will pay for pizza and pop – any stronger beverage is on your own!
  • AFMS – Federation dues have been paid. The club is covered by insurance for field trips.
  • Constitution – revision will happen early next year (2017).

IV.  Program:  members brought in interesting rocks to show, and other to identify.