2016 May

I.  We met on May 1st, 2016 at the Bismarck Public Library.  Officers present included Vice President Tom Tupa, Treasurer Vic Wingerter, and Secretary Tom Schiwal.  32 other members were in attendance, and introductions were made.

II.  Treasurer’s Report:  CDG&MS has $7654.67 in the bank, with one $10 bill due.

III.  Committee Reports:

    • Program:  Looking for one next month (June)
      • Aug 7th Picnic – Sertoma park Shelter #9
      • Sept 11th – program as usual, grab bag filling at this time!
    • Treasurer:  Dues are due!
    • Communications and Technology:
      • Looking for computer expert – spreadsheet, membership list, forms
      • AJ Delzer, Becky Barnes, and Derrick Van Zoest volunteered
    • Field Trip:
      • July 10th – Harmond lake shelter, north of Mandan (map to be added)  2pm – meeting?  Maybe not.  Metal detectors will be brought, just in case.  Bring a sack lunch if you’ll be hungry
      • Sept 25th – pinecone hunt (Greg Soules brought modern sequoia cones for show and tell)
    • Rock Show:
      • Oct 6-8 Annual Rock Show at AmVets
      • Booths / table space?  Vendor fee… Grab bags?
      • Committee meeting didn’t really turn out (health issues, delays)
      • Grab bags – need 1000 items!  Trying to make 1000 bags!
        • Compass, magnifying glass, etc. – rock related?
      • Education booths:  Paleo booth?  Lapidary? Rocks the glow?  Display cases?  Need to find what’s in school curriculum, and include appropriate booths.  Send out questions / have students bring in questions for prizes.
        • In past years, a college professor set up a booth, sent students to fill out form / identify rocks and gems
        • Need volunteers to wrangle education booths
    • Other Topics of note:
      • Election of officers will be held end of the year
      • Education – Carol Doll, in contact with elementary science curriculum.  Librarians will spread the word.  How many kids can we handle?  Need to plan ahead.  Maybe schedule groups, hour time slots.  All schools have to be done by a little after 3pm – have to schedule, or massive crush at 10am.  Groups and clubs now have to be school vetted / approved – problem we ran into last year.


Program:  Wire weaving demonstration by Treasures of Sea & Earth