2016 March

I.  We met on March 13th, 2016 at the Bismarck Public Library. Officers present included President Kevin Vetter, Vice President Tom Tupa, and Treasurer Vic Wingerter. Twenty six other members were present. President Vetter called the meeting to order, and we addressed the flag.

II.  Treasurer’s Report: CDG&MC has $7,629.41 in the bank. $40 was just donated to the club from the North Dakota Gold Panning Association. There have been 18 new members added to the club since the October Rock Show. Vic handed out club pins, patches, and name tags to new members.

III. Committee Reports:

  • Upcoming Events:
    • The Capitol City Coin Club 48th annual coin show will be April 16-17th, starting at 9am.
    • Sky Fest 2016 – the annual North Dakota kite festival will be over Fort Stevenson May 28-30th. Details can be found here: http://www.skyfestnd.com/
    • Annual Rock Club Picnic – August 7th, 2016, Sertoma Park, Shelter 9
    • Executive Meetings are open to all rock club members. Check the calendar for dates. If you have ideas, concerns, comments, or complaints, please let us know.
  • Field Trip Committee:
    • Annual Pine cone hunt – September 25th
    • Darwin Smith is looking in to a trip up to Harmon Lake (~12 miles North of Mandan) on July 10th, 1pm. The area is known for its cannonball concretions. Might be a good opportunity to bring the metal detectors along with. Darwin is seeing if he can get a geologist to talk about the history of the area.
  • Annual Rock Show:
    • Rock show is October 7-8, with setup on the evening of the 6th. If you have ideas for crafts, vendors, booths, and educational ideas, let us know.
    • Carol Doll has been spearheading communication with the local Bismarck schools. Apparently getting in touch with the librarians was the way to go! They have agreed to talk with teachers, and will be contacting the Science Curriculum Director. Focus will be on the 4th graders (earth science). The Mandan school system is next on the list. Anyone willing to talk with surrounding schools is encouraged to do so.
    • It is never too early to think about grab bag items! Good Year has donated 1000 small dirigibles as bag stuffers. Keep tumbling those rocks and stones.
  • Communications & Technology:
    • Becky gave another Members page password update. Will look into changing it to a shorter, easier-to-remember word. However! A password still has to be something not easily guessed – so it will have a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, and numbers.
    • A “Memorial” page was suggested for the website. Past members who have passed away can be listed here, with their name and date of death. We will look into crafting a few versions of this, and have the club vote on what they like.
  • Programs:
    • April 3: Behind-the-scenes tour of the Heritage Center with Becky Barnes. Meet at the east entrance (big glass cube) at 2pm. This will be in place of a normal meeting.
    • May 1: Treasures of Sea & Earth will do a wire-weaving demonstration.
  • Other:
    • Tony Goldade has a contact  who has access to a spectrometer, used in identifying elements in metals and minerals (most likely an “x-ray fluorescence spectrometer”). If you can get a hand sample to Tony, he can bring it to his contact, and figure out what’s in it. No hundred pound rocks please! Turn-around time will be about a month.
    • Melvin Berg wants to sell his rock equipment. A listing will be posted on the website shortly listing what items are available.

After-meeting program: Tom Tupa brought in a rock tumbler and some samples showing various stages of polish. He went through a thorough description of the basics of rock tumbling and equipment available.