2016 February

I.  We met on February 7th at the Bismarck Public Library, with 20+ members present. President Vetter called the meeting to order, and we addressed the flag.

II.  Treasurer’s Report: CDG&MC has $7538.55 in the bank. $91.94 was paid for the state tax. Dues are due, if you haven’t paid yet. There was talk about placing some of the money into a CD, but no final decision was made.

III.  Committee Reports:

  • Annual Show Committee:
    • Carol has been working with school curriculum, and will be contacting the Bismarck superintendent to highlight the clubs capability of adding to their curriculum, and having students come by the rock show.
    • Start thinking about grab-bag donations for the rock show. Any small tumbled rocks are welcome.
    • The dates of the show are October 6th (setup), 7th (education day) 8th (public) and Sunday the 9th is still in discussion. Would be a short day, from 10am-2pm.
  • Field Trip Committee: September 25th is set as the annual pinecone hunt, unless something changes. Keep looking for new places to visit…
    • Pembina Gorge: Quite the distance to travel, but beautiful scenery and interesting geology.
    • ND Geological Survey Public Digs: Fossil digs are available – all fossils return to the State Fossil Collection in Bismarck (no souvenirs!). Free digs include Dickinson Area (June 27-July 1); Whiskey Creek (July 12-14); Medora (July 15-17). All digs and complete information can be found at: https://www.dmr.nd.gov/ndfossil/digs/
    • Barnes Snail Crawl: Excavate 60-million-year-old Campeloma snails from gravel pits in Becky’s backyard. May 7th or 8th, depending on what is easier for people.
  • Historian: A call was put out for a club Historian – someone to deal with public inquiries for interesting historical artifacts, as well as club history (past minutes, library, etc.). Becky Barnes is already doing the library segment, and digitizing past information. She has access to historians at the Heritage Center. She’ll probably accept, but no decision was formally made.
  • Communications & Technology: Becky is still looking for articles for the Anniversary Diggins – so far she has 1 entry. She will take anything hand-written, e-mailed, printed, and scribbled on napkins.
  • Outreach: We have had 5 new members since the start of the year. Mark & Diane have been passing out club cards at the Minot Flea Market, and Treasures of Sea & Earth have also been passing out cards. Keep it up! New people = new ideas.
  • Other:
    • Capital Coin Club has their show in April.
    • Also, our club President Tom Tupa will be out for a number of weeks due to health reasons. A card was passed around for people to sign.
    • Pride Industry donated a number of barrel crimps and swivels – please take what you wish.

After-meeting program:  Russ Oliger worked on identifying various rock and mineral samples people brought in.