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Have something you don’t need any more? Looking for something you don’t have?

Pinecone Hunt

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Jewelry by Tony Goldade

For the He-Man not afraid to wear jewelry, we have an assortment of petrified wood pendants with a rugged look to them.

For those with more delicate tastes, we have a selection of petrified wood pendants and earrings (mix and match!) in a beautiful assortment of rich browns, reds, and warm creamy stripes and swirls.  From dainty and small, to bold and beautiful, you can mix and match any pieces that strike your fancy.  All of the pieces here and more are available for sale.  Call us at 701-223-8359, or send an e-mail to goldade56 [at]

earring 1 earring 2 pendant 1 pendant 2 pendant 3 pendant 4